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Basics Bank

What goes in the Bag
Dried/UHT milk, tea bags, coffee, packets/tins soup, dried pastas, various sauces, squash, fruit juices, tinned:- veg, fruit, fish, meat, jam, rice, custard, baby food/formula, toiletries, toilet rolls etc. Anything non-peridshable and in date.
Some families find it difficult to meet their basic day to day needs for various reasons. This may be because of bereavement, illness, injury or sudden unemployment. Although community services, provided by the state, will be ablt to offer some support, often there is a gap between when the need occurs and when these services take effect. A survey by the churches identified an increasing need to be able to respond to short term crisis situations. The Proposed Scheme Specifically identified official community organisations will use a voucher scheme to refer individuals or families to the Basics Bank and to contact the co-ordinator in Stranraer. Arrangements will be made to supply a bag of non- perishable food stuffs and toiletries sufficient to maintain a family for three days. Tgis can be collected from an identified point in the community. Importantly all those who ask for this help have the opportunity to talk to someone about their situation, in confidence and will be encouraged to think about themselves in relation to faith and what God’s message can do for them. Distribution Centres It is proposed to have six distribution centres: Drummore, Glen Luce, Kirkcolm, Sandhead, Portpatrick and Stranraer. What Can You do to Help Volunteer with collecting, sorting and packing goods. Volunteer with distribution and giving support. Donate goods for the bags and encourage others to do the same. Your local collection point is at the doctors surgery in Drummore.
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