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Ordinary Meeting

Ordinary Meeting Drummore Information Centre TUESDAY 4th June 2019 AT 7.30PM


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KIRKMAIDEN COMMUNITY COUNCIL. MEETING PORT LOGAN VILLAGE HALL, TUESDAY MAY 7TH 2019 @ 7.30 PRESENT:  J.Ansell, C. McIntyre, A.McNally, M.Donaldson (chair),         P.Henthorne  J.Jones, I.Reid, M. Bowling-Johnson, S.Campbell, In Attendance:      Cllrs R.Surtees & W.Scobie + 4 members of the public                                   P.C. N WIlson Apologies:               A.Scott The minutes from the last meeting were agreed correct, Proposed P.Henthorne, 2nd C.McIntyre MATTERS ARISNG:   Dyester’s Brae: Cllr Scobie has been successful in persuading the Roads Dept to appoint an engineer to assess subsidence on the Corner at the head of Dyester’s Brae. Roads have also agreed to share the report with respective Community Councils. Councillor Scobie was thanked for his efforts on our behalf. Although there is to be an FAI re. the fatal accident at the seawall last winter, Senior Officers in the Police could see no reason why D&G officials should not discuss the issues with Drummore residents. An e- mail to that effect had been sent to KCC but not received. Pc Wilson said she would ask that the e-mail be resent. The Information Centre is still waiting finalisation of their lease with D& G. Cllr Surtees will raise the delay with Karen Brownlie. POLICE MATTERS:  PC N. Wilson was in attendance. No crime in Kirkmaiden Parish was reported. She did advise us of a new approach by Police Scotland to 999/101 calls. There are to be more trained frontline staff able to assess the importance of calls and specialised support for non-threatening situations. This scheme is being trialled in D&G and Lanarkshire before being rolled out Scotland wide. PC Wilson also spoke about criminal gangs persuading juveniles via facebook and twitter to allow access to their bank accounts for the purposes of money laundering. To date no incidents have been reported locally, but parents are advised to be aware. She also left some leaflets for distribution regarding ‘door step scammers’. The number of itinerant scammers offering to do a range of jobs is always on the increase during the summer and individuals are advised not to allow these individuals access. Enquiries about the white minibus, worries about which were discussed at the last meeting, were discovered not to be of any concern. The installation of a CCTV camera sited in Ardwell, would only be approved with evidence of increasing suspicious activity. The proposal was postponed. GROUP REPORTS;    St Medans is opening again this Sunday (12th May) but not the hall. The Information Centre opens on the 23rd May and the ‘Volunteers Meet Night’ is on the 16th May at 7.00pm. CORRESPONDENCE / PLANNING:  We were asked again to support the ‘Galloway against Pylons’ (ie: Kendoon to Tongland) campaign to put new  cables underground rather than on pylons. It was decided that KCC should not become involved in this campaign. D&G have a new website: www.dgppp.org.uk for anyone wanting advice/help on domestic abuse, social welfare or other personal matters. DnG also are having a consultation on legislation surrounding “short term lets”. They would welcome comments by 19th July. Further information from:   shorttermlets@gov.scot AOB: Members of the public have been picking up rubbish from Port Logan beach and leaving it by the bus stop. The bin men will have to be asked to collect the rubbish. Cllr Surtees is to contact the person responsible in Waste Disposal to do so. Training for new councillors was mentioned at the last meeting, there has  been no further information forthcoming, we are keen to participate and offered Port Logan hall as a venue. Cllr Surtees will report back to us. A bad crack in the road by Logan Toll needs to be reported to CCES A. McN will do this. The meeting closed at 8.10pm. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th June   in the Information Centre, Drummore   @ 7.30.  www.kirkmaiden.uk
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