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Annual General Meeting

Port Logan Hall

TUESDAY 2nd APRIL 2019 AT 7.30PM

AGENDA Chairpersons Welcome Sederunt and Apologies Chairman’s Report and Minutes of 2018 AGM Treasurers Report Appointment of Office Bearers and Election of Councillors Minutes of last Ordinary meeting Matters arising Police Matters Group reports and updates Correspondence/planning AOCB Date and time of next meeting
KIRKMAIDEN COMMUNITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON TUES 5TH MARCH 2019 PRESENT: J. Ansell (chair), C. McIntyre, A. McNally, P.Henthorne, M. Donaldson. J. Jones(min secy). ATTENDING: 6 members of the public, PC N. Wilson, Councillor W. Scobie. J. Ansell started the meeting by reading the letter of resignation from Chair, L.Appleton. She advised everyone that it is with a heavy heart that, due to her family circumstances, she will have to step down from KCC affairs for the foreseeable future. She thanked everyone for the support she had received and wished KCC every success in the future. The Community thanked Louise for all the hard work and enthusiasm she has given us in the past and sent her and Martin every good wish for the future The Chair also noted that due to maintenance work being carried out in Drummore Church Hall, KCC meetings will be held at Port Logan till further notice. APOLOGIES: A.Scott, S. Campbell, R. Surtees MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Minutes of the meeting held on the 4th Dec. were agreed as a true record.  Proposer: C. McIntyre, Seconder: A. McNally. MATTERS ARISING: As Cllr R Surtees was unable to attend this evening to bring us up to date with discussions with Council Officers concerning the sea defences, the Chair read out some emails that have passed between Cllr Surtees and the EEI Directorate. We were requesting and expecting the Director or Officers from EEI to arrange a consultation with Kirkmaiden residents to discuss their concerns about the safety of the sea defences along the A716. However there is a reluctance at EEI level to facilitate such a consultation and no communication to KCC has been received. Cllr Scobie was of the opinion that this amounted to a disrespect for the community by Council Officers. KCC on behalf of the Community would continue to press for Dumfries and Galloway for consultation.  POLICE MATTERS: PC Nicola Wilson had no incidents in the Parish to report however she distributed some UV marker pens, which should be used as property identifiers. Members of the public reported that a car had been seen in Port Logan village, driving around late at night with no lights on. PC Wilson said there have been several reports of strange driver behaviour around our villages, but unless a registration number is obtained there is nothing they can do. She advised us all not to leave anything unlocked or unattended. Also the owner of the “boatshed” in Drummore had reported damage to his peripheral fencing. GROUP REPORTS AND UPDATES: Gateway Garden. There is still a need for volunteers to take over the maintainance of the garden, following A. Peebles retirement. An appeal will be posted on the ‘I love Drummore’ website Harbour Trust. A.Peebles reminded everybody about the harbour ‘clean up’ on 13th April. Application for funds to refurbish the harbour are ongoing. Information Centre.  A. Peebles reported the good news of the award of a £10K  grant from the Kilgallioch Community Benefit Fund, toward the refurbishment of the Information Centre. The Centre has almost concluded a lease agreement with D&G prior to the possibility of a community buy-out. Volunteers to help staff the Centre over the summer are still needed. CORRESPONDENCE & PLANNING: Planning application (19/0202/FUL) submitted from Mr M. Caughey to lift a condition, limiting holiday let at Grennan Plantation to 6 weeks, to allow long term holiday occupancy. No objections from the floor. Invitation letter received from Third Sector, Dumfries and Galloway to a Partnership and Collaborative Working presentation in Burns House on 26th March. Flyer from ‘frog’ (connect@frog.net) introducing Scotland’s new ‘Community Platform’. Intimation from Alister Jack MP (Alister.Jack.MP@parliament.uk) re. surgery dates for 2019. Flyer to be posted. Letter from Paul Swift (paul@lochenbreck.co.uk), re. new pylons from Kendoon toTongland, asking KCC to join in objections to this project. KCC decided not to get formally involved as a CC, however if anyone wants to individually join in the protest please contact Paul Swift directly. AOCB: JA attended a meeting organised by Lou Davies, Manager of the D&G Arts Festival re. the performance of events in Wigtownshire.  More information available from J. Ansell (secy). There was a lot of discussion about the potential danger at the Dyesters Brae corner. There is evidence of subsidence at the corner compounding the effect of significant adverse camber. The drop at the edge of the road down the cliff is precipitous with no barrier protection. Stoneykirk CC has already raised the issue and although Dyesters Brae is outwith the Kirkmaiden Parish boundary it is obviously on the major route to Port Logan and Drummore. Cllr Scobie suggested that the Chair writes to Bob Green (Network Manager West D&G) expressing our concerns. The meeting closed at 20.25. The next meeting of the Community Council is the AGM which will be in the Port Logan Hall, at 7.30p, on Tuesday, 2nd April. www.kirkmaiden.uk
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Draft Minutes of Last

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