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Ordinary Meeting PORT LOGAN HALL TUESDAY 3rd Dec. 2019 AT 7.30PM AGENDA  Chairpersons Welcome  Minutes of last Ordinary Meeting  Matters arising  Police Matters  Treasurer’s Report  Group reports and updates  Correspondence/planning  AOCB  Date and time of next meeting www.kirkmaiden.uk
KIRKMAIDEN COMMUNITY COUNCIL. MEETING Port Logan Village Hall, Tuesday November 5th 2019 @ 7.30 PRESENT: M. Donaldson (Chair), J. Ansell (Secy), Community Councillors M. Irving, A. McNally, I. Reid. J. Jones (Minutes Secy).                  In Attendance:   22 members of the public. Cllrs R. Surtees & A. Giusti. PC N. Wilson.                                 Apologies:   Ward Officer K. Monteith, Cllr W. Scobie, P. Henthorne,  C. McIntyre, & A. Scott. The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting and introduced Duncan McDonald and Wullie Porteous from the Engineering Team of the Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Dept of D&G Council. They proceeded to give a presentation about plans for the Drummore Emergency Road Closure in the event of overtopping the sea defences in Kilstay Bay. The talk covered the brief that the engineers were asked to consult on, the methods of consultation, their findings and what the next steps should be. A lively discussion followed and the engineers agreed to take suggestions back to the planners and keep the Community fully briefed on future developments. The Chair thanked Messrs McDonald and Porteous and the normal business of the meeting followed. Plans for road closures were left on display in Port Logan Hall. MINUTES: the minutes from the last meeting in October were agreed correct. Proposed; A. McNally, 2 nd  I. Reid. MATTERS ARISNG:  Talks are continuing with Drummore Primary School regarding transport provision for the students. POLICE MATTERS:  PC N.Wilson was in attendance. She reported  that a vehicle was in collision with a house at Shore Lane. Counterfeit Bank of Ireland £50 notes are in circulation throughout the region. Police are advising that only the newer style purple £50 notes should be accepted. Details of the features of these new notes and those that identify them as genuine will be displayed on notice boards. The Galloway Division of Police Scotland are starting a ‘Violence Reduction and Anti-shoplifting Campaign, throughout Galloway, which will be in operation between December 1 st  2019 and 3 rd   January 2020. It is designed to promote public reassurance and detection of offences across all areas of criminality, including; general disorder, violence, shoplifting and anti-social behaviour, focussing particularly on violence, which tends to be magnified across the festive season by increases in social and anti-social alcohol consumption. Officers will be patrolling on foot, in vehicles and in high-vis uniforms.             GROUP REPORTS;   Harbour Trust. All the paper work has been completed and the final letter of ownership is awaited. Grant applications have been made in order to finance the maintenance required on the harbour. Information Centre has had new windows installed. The next phase will be replacing the toilets and new kitchen. Funding is to applied for to install a disabled lift. Mull of Galloway Trust. The Lighthouse Experience has now closed after another very successful season and plans are being considered to improve/refurbish the exhibition centre. An estimate of the number of visitors since a counter was installed in March is approx. 40,000. Councillors attending appreciated the need of public toilets in the area with that volume of visitors. Currently there is one in Port Logan and one in Drummore, both several miles and a car journey away. CORRESPONDENCE / PLANNING: There was no correspondence or planning issues, AOB:  A question was asked regarding future cuts in funding D&G and the cost of the policy of making positions redundant with no enforced personnel redundancies. KCC is to request an answer to this question by writing directly to D&G The owner of the warehouse on the corner of Shore St. asked how he could obtain permission move the large rubbish bin located right outside his property to the other side of the street. He was advised to contact the waste disposal dept at D&G The meeting closed at 8.45. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd December  in Port Logan Hall @ 7.30.  www.kirkmaiden.uk
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