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Information Event – Thursday 6 th  Sept – Drop in – between 4pm and 8pm – Drummore Primary School   On Thursday 5 September from 4pm to 8pm in Drummore Primary School, our Council’s Engineering Team will be holding a drop-in session to provide stakeholders and the local community updated with plans to make the A716 safer during adverse weather.  The road suffers coastal flooding emanating from high winds and increase rain fall, so our Council is stepping up efforts to improve the system for closure of the road that links Drummore to The Rhins during adverse weather. The information event will also address the impact on properties who have restricted access to and from the A716 and will advise on planned improvements to the main diversion route (the B7065) during the times that the A716 is shut.  Feedback received at this drop-in event on 5 September will shape the thinking of our Council, in conjunction with our key partner the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) into how the road can be effectively closed during adverse weather, as well as how it can be efficiently repaired and tidied after the worst of the weather passes, before being re-opened to traffic. A report will be taken to the Tuesday 5 November meeting of Communities Committee detailing options for the road closure of the A716.   Regards   Kerry Monteith; Ward Officer Stranraer and the Rhins, Ashwood House, Sun St, Stranraer, DG9 7JL.  Drop Point 800 Mob; 07920598900    Phone: 030 33 33 3000 www.dumgal.gov.uk
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