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Galloway National Park



 Minister Visits Galloway https://www.gallowaynationalpark.org/

Galloway Glens

Trustees recently met with the Team Leader and the Education and Community Engagement officer of the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership in Castle Douglas.  The Trustees were impressed by the scope of work being planned and the extent of partnership working. Lesley Grindley Chair of the Association's Communications group commented  "This is an exciting project delivering improvements to the area over next five years, which we would hope would be built on by a National Park once the current funding runs out" Support us by joining as a member.  It is quick and simple and you can do it online.



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At Kirroughtree last week the Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment in the Scottish Government was presented with a new report from GNPA setting out the case for Galloway becoming Scotland's third National Park. She heard about the work of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere from its Chair Joan Mitchell and met McNabb Laurie from Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership. Bruce McKenzie gets down to the detail with the Minister during her visit.  She was quick to assure everyone that she will give the report her "fullest consideration" and would be happy to return at any time to discuss the idea. GNPA have now asked that she commission an independent feasibility study to examine the case in more detail.
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